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Nintendo High 2021

December marks the 6th episode release of Nintendo High! This project, which started on May 7th 2021, has consecutively released episodes on a near month-to-month basis. This all thanks to the help of Joseph Zampirri, the show's creator / writer / producer; Joseph Amaro, the show's artist and storyboarder; and Cyclone Breitmayer, the show's musical composer. It's been a pleasure animating, editing, and providing sound design for this Nintendo fan-series.

We've just recently release Episode 6, "Lovestruck." Episode 1 is our highest viewed at 608k views, followed by Episode 3 at 508k views. We've even managed to get special guest voice actors for some of the most recent episodes!

This includes: StinkyBlueRat; Man on the Internet; and My Hero Academia's own Kyle Phillips!

Where will Nintendo High go next? We already have a two part season finale in the works to close out Season 1 (with yet another high profile special guest). Plans are already in motion for Season 2, but no details can be released as of this date.

This series has allowed me to practice editing others' audio and performing sound design alongside moving images. It also acts as the largest project I have been involved in to date, with a total of nearly 2,157,078 views total! Currently, the channel has 35.7k subscribers, and GROWING!

We have even managed to diversify our content to include full MUSICAL NUMBERS that are sung by the voice actors; composed by Cyclone Breitmayer. There's something special planned for the season finale as well; someone will FINALLY speak up and have their voice heard... big time.

2021 was a phenomenal year for this fan project, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

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