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Instead of bothering themselves with the increasingly disastrous storm within their suburban neighborhood, two delinquents attempt to revive their old college radio show. Unbeknownst to both Cyclone and Senny, their low-quality broadcast is not the only artifact being brought back to life. Following an unexpected visit from a rather "old" friend, the two disc jockeys attempt to escape from his powerful, yet uneducated, grasp.

GUEST: Genghis Khan


In an attempt to appease the one and only Genghis Khan, Cyclone and Senny hire a part time comedian to "bring the funny" to their less than adequate podcast. Rather than amuse the crowd, the ambiguous Eastern New England entertainer depresses the two awkward "young adults," proving to be quite the clown. Does Vinny Fazool have the ticket to their freedom from the unwashed clutches of the Mongolian mongoloid? Or will the two broadcasters be forced to sit through the jester's somber set?

GUEST: Vinny K. Fazool


After “obtaining” new equipment from Genghis Khan, Cyclone and Senny listen to a voicemail that provides them with the hope of survival. The only issue is that they have no means to contact their savior. In an effort to obtain a cellular device, the two emcees invite an aspiring game developer to share his “expertise” on the podcast. Unfortunately for our leads, the deceiving designer forgot to bring one crucial piece of the puzzle. Will our hosts be able to phone a friend, or will they have to put one foot in front of the other alongside a fibber?

GUEST: Hollow Melvin


The two ""heroes"" find themselves alienated within the house of a rather popular... ""streamer."" Rather than escape, however, Cyclone & Senny find it might be more valuable to use Ween's fame to escort themselves to freedom. Despite numerous attempts to hook her audience in with cryptic cries for help, Senny's pocket peanut donations are trampled by her fans' allegiance. As the hairy and mighty sweaty grasp of Genghis Khan continues to tighten, our hosts must rely on outside intervention for redemption.


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