Genghis Khan (Temüjin)

An ancient fear-mongering Mongolian emperor who has inexplicably been revived following a "deadly" Cyclone in Attacoun County.

Likes: Mutilation, rocks, discarded trash, Cyndi Lauper
Dislikes: Silence, a full bladder, shards, in-tact doors
Location: Mongolia
Age: 859



Vinny K. Fazool

An Eastern New England entertainer that focuses primarily on comedy, often not successfully.

Likes: His own voice, pizza, his sister, his ex-wife
Dislikes: Being separated from his son
Location: Boston / New York / Italy
Age: 56



Hollow Melvin

A game developer, tech guru, and Japanese connoisseur with an unhealthy fixation on Ween.

Likes: Ween, Ween, Ween, Ween, anime, himself
Dislikes: Chad, Chad, Chad, Chad, society
Location: Attacoun County
Age: 23


*Hollow has commissioned online artist CrashCan to depict himself in the most flattering way possible.



A famous internet streamer, cammer, and "artist" with sociopathic tendencies.

Likes: Money, vinyls, art (despite never painting)
Dislikes: Her fans (particularly Hollow)
Location: New Jersey
Age: 18+



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The Open Door Policy Podcast

Two young males attempting to make a rather bland podcast are derailed once the Mongolian mongoloid emperor formerly known as Genghis Khan resurrects and overtakes their studio in an attempt to regain relevancy in today's current society. The knocking will not stop until they make their way to the top.

[S1E4] Streaming

The two ""heroes"" find themselves alienated within the house of a rather popular... ""streamer."" Rather than escape, however, Cyclone & Senny find it might be more valuable to use Ween's fame to escort themselves to freedom. Despite numerous attempts to hook her audience in with cryptic cries for help, Senny's pocket peanut donations are trampled by her fans' allegiance. As the hairy and mighty sweaty grasp of Genghis Khan continues to tighten, our hosts must rely on outside intervention for redemption.