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Nintendo High

My new biggest project has just been released alongside talented individuals such as Joseph Zampirri, Joseph Amaro, Cyclone Breitmayer, and Elijah Justice. Class is now in session! Join Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and other iconic Nintendo characters as they encounter their biggest adventure yet: high school! Nintendo High is a brand new web series following all the classic characters you know and love with a brand new twist! Do Mario and Luigi have what it takes to survive the first day of high school? Pack your school bags and join us over at Nintendo High!

So far Episode 1 has gained 5k viewers, and continues to grow after releasing just yesterday. If you’re interested, please watch, leave a comment, subscribe, and then follow smash.fanman on Instagram for continued updates.

This is a passion project that Joseph Zampirri (smash.fanman on Instagram) has been trying to get made for years, so it means a lot that I was given the opportunity to help make that a reality. I perform the editing and sound design for this series (wear headphones, thanks), as well as voice Mario. All others involved are incredibly talented, with Joe’s writing and stellar performances / direction, Cyclone Breitmayer ’s (cyclonebreitmayer on Instagram) music I’ve been a #1 fan of for 15+ years, and Joseph Amaro’s (josephamaro25 on Instagram) / Elijah Justice’s (jus.ticeleaguer on Instagram) unlimited creativity and design with their artwork. Allowing actors who have struggled to find that one role to get them to the next level, it’s incredibly important to me that I can help them achieve their dreams and make them sound as great as possible. It somewhat plays in part with my work in the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab.

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