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Cutouts / Pukebomb

Updated: May 10, 2021

In an effort to expand my creative horizons, I have worked on and released two different series that I intend on continuing: Cutouts & PukeBomb.

Cutouts is an anthology series I intend on continuing throughout my career. There is an ultimate purpose to releasing these short "cartoons," or what will be referred to as "Cutouts." Its primary focus is on vocal performances and an overall simplistic aesthetic. Considering I am hardly an animator, I am only capable of so much, so I must incorporate a unique style in order to make up for a lack of experience. Not enough attention is brought to either those behind the scenes or overlooked pieces of larger projects: the writers, the voice actors, and the concept of sound design. Within these "Cutouts," I will be bringing the faces of the performers front and center, in order to provide them with the recognition they deserve. Voices alone are capable of telling a story, but with added, limited visuals; one can truly appreciate how important such performances are. Sound design, as well, sometimes tends to take the backseat. By experimenting with sound design that coincides with visual cues, I hope to continue to improve my expertise within audio engineering.

I will likely use either original skits written by myself and fellow friends, or take skits from the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collabs and adapt them visually. This "cutout" from a larger piece allows for particular performances to shine and be given a spotlight that otherwise might have been overlooked.

My first release is "Skydying." Bleux takes his close friend of one week, Redd, on an adventure like none other: SKYDIVING! Shortly, however, Redd takes quite the emotional dive. Oh no! Will the two free-falling, plunging pals be able to survive? Will the yappy Yorkshire Terrier, Mr. Snuggles, ever be caressed in the bosom of his descending Dad? Get ready to decline both mentally and physically... and make sure to cross your fingers.

Pukebomb will be an animation channel that focuses on original, off the walls content, with a gross yet traditional style. There are two primary animators: SepticSebi and Nattosumi. Seb has a scratchy look to his style, but consistently implements impressive, expressive smear in-betweens. He has taken animation classes under Johnny Bravo artists alongside SirLenward from Newgrounds (Fun fact: He was on Tom Fulp's bowling team at the last Newgrounds Pico Day). Nattosumi implements his own form of "expressive minimalism" to ensure a clean yet unique look to his art. He has been previously commissioned by Sam Hyde to do the artwork for infamous book "How to Bomb the U.S. Govt."

Our most recent release is "Dr. Schmuck in... A DISGUSTING DISPLAY OF EXTREME MEDICAL MALPRACTICE." Everyone's favorite family practitioner is back at it again after years of being off the air! This time, the Dr. performs an experimental life-saving surgery on a patient whose soon to kick the bucket BIG TIME. This is extremely rare footage saved from the infamous '40s Burbank California tragic cigar accident.

We've actually received Newgrounds Daily 4th place for this animation on April 24th!


NickSenny (Production, VA, Editing, Animation) [Cutouts / PukeBomb]

JoshDytonVO (VA) [Cutouts]

EmilyGo VO (VA) [Cutouts]

Bro_son (Writing) [Cutouts / PukeBomb]

SepticSebi (Animation, Backgrounds) [PukeBomb]

Nattosumi (Animation, Coloring) [PukeBomb]

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