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Nick Senny

NickSenny Demo Reel 2021
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Making Plans for NigelRon Davis
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As the previous head of his university's radio station and sound operator of his high school's professional performances, Nicholas acts as an experienced voice actor and audio editor for animations, audio dramas, podcasts, and commercial advertisements.

His skills include: a variety of voices he has adopted over the years, each with their own individual characteristics and "backstory," allowing for a greater acting depth, applying sound design to enhance a given project or transcript, and editing | leveling | enhancing audio in order to provide the best results (in order to prevent mouth sounds, plosives, peaking, etc).

Nicholas wants to lend his voice for the primary purpose of experience and practice in the field of acting and editing. He is heavily involved in the Newgrounds community, auditions for countless animations | games, fulfills commissions on Fiverr, and acts as the cohost and guests of "The Open Door Policy" podcast. He also enjoys experimenting with filmography and art.



Hangin' By A Thread

Mr. Sew-n-Sew is itchin' for a stitchin' and the Good Doktor's got a fixin'. Ever have a splitting headache? Feel like your forehead's a-boilin'? A-hem... knot a problem! Our friendly neighborhood malpracticioner is HERE to qualm your FEAR! Following the gorilla attack of '56, Mr. Sew-n-Sew has our seamless, crusty clinician fix his skin. But, on this beautiful sunny day will our battered buddy make a-mends before the tide rolls in?

Baldi 101: Breaking Into Cars

Ever forget your keys, get stuck in a jam, or need to make enough money to satisfy that undying urge? With these three simple methods, Baldi will have you sitting in those luscious leathery seats in no time. This 101 Car-riculum guarantees hands-on learning experiences. Don't forget to submit your final project (on time!) at the junkyard. For advanced learners, please enroll in Baldi 301: Hot-wiring a Hot-rod.

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