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As the previous head of his university's radio station and sound operator of his high school's professional performances, Nicholas acts as an experienced voice actor and audio editor for animations, audio dramas, podcasts, and commercial advertisements.

His skills include: a variety of voices he has adopted over the years, each with their own individual characteristics and "backstory," allowing for a greater acting depth, applying sound design to enhance a given project or transcript, and editing | leveling | enhancing audio in order to provide the best results (in order to prevent mouth sounds, plosives, peaking, etc).

Nicholas wants to lend his voice for the primary purpose of experience and practice in the field of acting and editing. He is heavily involved in the Newgrounds community, auditions for countless animations | games, fulfills commissions on Fiverr, and acts as the cohost and guests of "The Open Door Policy" podcast. He also enjoys experimenting with filmography and art.



With 60k views and counting, LuckyBoy has amassed the 11th Best of All Time ranking on Newgrounds, as well as...

All The Laughs Comedy Awards Winner 2021
Oudeis Internation Film Festival Finalist 2021
Fetons Film Official Selection 2021
Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021
Animation Dingle Official Selection 2022


Episode 7 of Nintendo High is now live! In this first half of the two part season finale, the entire cast heads to the big Homecoming dance! Bowser, however, has something more sinister in store. Something sure seems a bit off...

Featuring 4M subscriber special voice talent, BeckBroJack!